The first ever 20 proof popsicle. Exceptionally refreshing, extraordinarily delicious. LIQRpop™ is the fun new way to bring two amazing tastes together. Please watch the introductory video below.

Interview Tracie and Bill Reinhardt (Founder, Liqrpop)


Please take a moment to watch the two videos listed below. These videos will give you a deeper look into LIQRpop and its origins

We will host a conference call on Sunday, March 5, 2017. If you are interested in hearing more about this investment opportunity please reply "YES" to and we will send information about the conference call to you. Additionally, if you have anyone with a relevant social media following you believe would be interested in this product, please send us their contact information and we will forward this opportunity on to them as well.

The minimum amount for this investment is $10,000. The maximum amount for this investment is $50,000.

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